Ammar Jr

ammarAmmar Jr was born in August 2000. Exactly when i was out from a media company where i ve got a job in Jakarta at first. Ammar is a son of my Ammar Sr, a cat who always give the inspirations of me like his anchestor. The colors is combination of yellow and white. Short tail, good and healthy furry . I like his attitude who always become an independent’s cat. Ammar only come to me when he s sick.

He has a special chair in our living room in Bandung. Every night he sleep there, quietly. If I m in Bandung I always sit beside him to flatter his furry. And seems ammar happy for that.

Now, ammar become old, his right canine tooth has already loose. So, he has difficulties when eat. Usualy he eats 3-4 fresh fish a day, now the fish must be boiled first before we give it to Ammar. The body also become thin. I try to make Ammar also eat another food besides fish. Like chicken, liver that softer than fish with a lot of bone. Dont be sick ammar.


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3 responses to “Ammar Jr

  1. hey, i want to look at Ammar. Could you upload the photos and put them here on your blog?

  2. nadi

    hi, i’m first! can ammar eat rat in the pipes (tikus got maksudnya). Hehehehe…..

  3. kucingkeren

    When Ammar was young, he used to eat rat, all kind of rat, included rat from the dark (alias tikus got..hehe).. .. but not anymore today. Its because besides his age, the right canine have lost already,.. best regards from ammar to you , Adi… hehehe

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