Why s Kucingkeren?

kucingFind a name for this blog is quite difficult. Fortunetely, mas Witjak n mas Puji who created this blog for me, asked my favorites. Its easy to answer : is Cat or Kucing in my bahasa. So Kucingkeren become my blog’s name. Hopely this blog could help me to express everything i want to express :-).

But, i forgot about the word become trends in my country, kucinggarong.. :-(. Its means a naughty men. its like a cat that always eat whatever they see. So my friend i told about my new blog, always say : what? Kucing Garong?? Heyy.. my blog is Kucing Keren, is very different with kucinggarong. Kucingkeren is a cute cat i have, the name is Ammar jr. his name like his anchestor, Ammar Sr. The name could mean always learning with word by word.. Anyway cat or kucing is cat or kucing.. that has sound ..meeoooongggg ….. 🙂


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