Hidden Pearl at East Indonesia

Bright sky on Garua Ici archipelago, South Halmahera, North Maluku of East Indonesia. Slowly, Halsel Express 1, the name of the boat that H. Muhammad Kasuba, Regent South Halmahera docked at the port at Leilei Village, Kayoa subdistrict. That noon was also made lively with Angkak Cake and Soya-soya and Togal, name of North of Sulawesi’s traditional dancing.

Near Leilei Village had been built several traditional design cottages made of wood. Jogging track on white sand combine with the view inside sea would be another paradise for diver and snorkeler.

napoleon Diver will easily find napoleon fish which is usually hard to see. Then, sea tourism in Gurua Ici Archipelago will be one packet trip with most favorite places for diver and snorkeler which is Bunaken, North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat at Papua.

Beside the sea, tourists also can be developed in Bacan Island. There are three potential object toursm in Bacan, a place within 2 hours by boat from Gurua Ichi ISland. There was Bernevald Fortress that was made by Portuguese and Sultan Bacan Palace and Bacan Grand Mosque. One of strong point that would attract the tourist to visit Sultan Bacan is Lakare. Lakare is the real crown of Sultan that made from velvet decorated by real kind of gemstone. Sultan Bacan Palace is unique.

Beside that, South Halmahera also have the famous Bacan Stone. This green stone is a kind of gemstone. This stone is taken from Kasiruta Island that takes 2-3 hours long to go there by speed boat from Bacan Island.

What about foods? South Halmahera has smoked fish, canary, lanseh fruit and durian fruit. Smoked fish can be easily founded at traditional market. And if want to find canary , Makian Island is the place to.

South Halmahera just like hidden pearl. The brightness of the pearl cannot be seen yet. This regency need special touch. The right hand could make the South Halmahera Regent well known. The Regent has opportunity to set up this South Halmahera to be well known in tourism. Hopefully, doesn’t take too much time.


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