Fasting Month is already come again.. I always missed the atmosphere. Going to the Mosque together, breaking the fast with the characteristic food in the holy month, like qurma with nuts, or bananas with brown sugar.

kucingTalking about food in the fasting Month, My Mom has a special menu from the first Sahur (dining at the down day at the fasting month).. The menu come from her late mom (or my grand mom) who has dutch education. The menu is Beefsteak…

Can you imagine i and other member of my family eat the beefsteak at the down day?? Anyway, its make us open our eyes widely to cut the steak and to chew the vegetable. Wow.. But I love the taste, swear, my moms steak is very yummy than steak i ve ever had in the world 🙂

Thanks Mom.. its not useless i drive from Jakarta to Bandung for the first Sahur with U an daddy. Hopely I can taste it again in the next first sahur. I love you always…

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  1. My mother also made the beefsteak too n so delicious and make me always hungry, hmmm. What abaut “Gepuk”. I like my mom’s Gepuk with warm rice and fried garlic. lets go to Bandung to meet our Mom.

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